Saturday, October 4, 2008

Car accident...

Well me and poor Keeley got in a car wreck last night. A lady was going to make a left hand turn and then decided not to (I guess) and then hit us. It was scary Keeley started to cry and then I freaked out lol. So my poor car isn't in the best condition right now lol. Well the ambulance came and checked me and Keeley out and said that we were ok to go home. I was really scared that she would be hurt. Im really glad that everyone is ok.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So Keeley just went to the zoo for the first time last weekend and it was so much fun! She is definitely different from other kids lol ;) while my nieces where running around and looking at all the animals Keeley took it as a great opportunity to take over the wagon and she was not about to give it up to go look at animals lol. When ever we tried to take her out she yelled at us and climbed back in. Towards the end we got her to walk around a little bit and ride the carousel but it didn't last long. But it was still fun she loves wagons so she was happy!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our house!

So we have made the biggest decision of our marriage and bought a house. We sign the papers on Tuesday. I am so excited but scared at the same time it was a big step for us. We get to move in on Saturday and I am so stinking excited to decorate me and Matt have every room in the house already planned out lol. Well as soon as we get in I will take some pictures and put them on here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well we just got back from Portland it was alot of fun! We drove up the coast the first day we got there and played in the beach it was a little cold but still alot of fun. On Sunday we went to Mt St Helens it was really cool to see. And Monday we went to the falls and then went shopping. We had alot of fun the only bad thing was leaving Keeley oh and when Matt lost our camera at the airport and we had to go back almost everyday to see if someone had turned it in. He is still getting made fun of for that one lol!